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France is the most popular country in Western Europe. This country mainly extends from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean to the English Channel and the North Sea. France is one of the oldest countries in the world. The country has been ruled by a single ruler since the Middle Ages, when democratic power was proclaimed from the French Revolution. The country is bordered by Belgium and Luxembourg to the northeast. Formerly bordered by Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

France is located in a state separated by three major geological regions. Rich in natural beauty, this country has numerous tourist areas. France is popular as the largest historical and cultural country. People from all over the world choose France first when they travel to European countries. Because France is a desired tourist destination for tourists.

In today’s post we will mention the names of the ten best tourist areas in France, which are very popular with tourists. So you read our post well and know.

Below are the names of the ten best tourist destinations in France:

10 France Tourist Attractions places List:

1. Paris.
2. The Burgundy region.
3. The Rokmadaur.
4. Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy.
5. Lower Valley.
6. Reims.
7. Brittany; The Fishing Village.
8. Alsace region.
9. Mont-Blanc.
10. The Kamarag.

1. Paris:


The most popular city in Europe is Paris, the capital of France. Paris is one of the most populous, diplomatic, commercial, fashion, science and art centers in Europe. The city of Paris was once the fall of Singapore and the second most expensive city in the world. There are two international airports in Paris. There is a major railway here and many highways along it.

Considering the tourist area, Paris is a popular city for tourists. Some of the most amazing creations in the world are located in this city. Paris is the most desired tourist destination. The world famous and popular Eiffel Tower is located in this city. So Paris is much more popular with tourists from all over the world.




The right time to visit Paris:

The best time to visit Paris is from June to August and from September to the end of October. This is because the dry weather prevails between June and August. On the other hand, there is a hint of spring between September and October. This weather is known as very tolerant weather for tourists. So during these times Paris is crowded with tourists.

2. Burgundy region:

Burgundy region

The Burgundy region testifies to the rich cultural history of various popular churches, ancient cities and many ancient villages in France. The name is popular with tourists from all over the world. Because of the natural beauty that France has, it is mainly in this region. There are several small areas in the region, each with its own unique beauty.

The region is home to traditional food in a variety of small places. The Bargundi region is basically a combination of many tourist areas. This region is popular as the main attraction of France. The area is full of ancient and traditional churches and a variety of buildings.




The right time to visit the Burgundy region:

The best time to visit this area is from September to November of the English year. Because summer ends from the beginning of September. The temperature is in the middle position. Which is a very tolerant weather for tourists. That is why tourists flock here at this time to see the region.

3. The Rokmadaur:

The Rokmadaur

The Rockmadour is a valley on the Dordogne River in France that is very historic. This place is more popular mainly because of a historical monument to the Virgin Mary. For centuries, tourists from many countries flocked to this country mainly to see the monument.

This Rokmadaur place has been termed as a natural park. Because of the hills and pastures located in this place, which looks a lot like a man-made park. This place has been celebrated as an important pilgrimage site for Christians since the 11th century.




The right time to visit The Rokmadaur Shrine:

The best time to visit this place of pilgrimage is from May to October of the English year. Time prevails in dry and tolerant weather. So tourists visit this place of pilgrimage during these months.

4. Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy:

Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy

Mont Saint-Michel is about one kilometer from Normandy on the northwest coast of France. The island is located on the banks of the river Kausar. Located about one kilometer off the northwest coast of France. Its area is about 7 hectares of land. The island has a permanent population of about 300.

A popular name for the UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Mont Saint-Michel. More than three million tourists visit this place every year. Moreover, the building on the island is preserved as a history of French monuments. Surrounded by sea, the island stands tall and stands out.




The right time to visit Mont Saint-Michel:

The best time to visit this place is from March to October of the English year. At this time the climate of this place surrounded by the sea is dry and tolerable. So tourists do not have to face any obstacles to visit this place. So if you want to visit this place, you can definitely go between March and October.

5. Lower Valley:

Lower Valley

The historic Lower Valley, located on the banks of the River Lower France. The valley is a landmark of French architecture and history. This valley depicts the Renaissance ideology according to the architectural design of France.

The valley is rich in over three hundred small buildings. It has been used as a zamindari building for many years since the tenth century. The zamindars of that time built this magnificent fort. The forts here are the main attraction of world famous architects and landscape designers in the modern era. The valley buildings were built like the tops of mountains.




The right time to visit the Lower Valley:

April to June and Monday to October of the English year, these times are very tolerant and dry weather prevails in this place. So tourists choose these times to visit this valley. So if you want to visit this Lower Valley, you must go during these months.

6. Reims:


The city of Reims is located 129 kilometers northeast of Paris, France. The most populous city in France is the city of Reims. A tributary of the Vessel Ison River flows past this town. The city dates back to the Roman Empire. Even in that era of the Roman Empire, it was known as the largest city. This city has played a prominent role as a traditional site for French kings.

The city is best known for its cathedral churches. The city is one of the most religiously popular sites on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. So Christian tourists from all over the world flock to this city.




The right time to visit Reims:

The city is visited almost every month of the English year. However, especially from the beginning of July to the end of July, the city attracts a large number of tourists. Religious people from all over the world flock to this city in July.

7. Brittany, The Fishing Village:

The British city is a peninsula and cultural region in the west of France. This city is also called the city of fishing. The city is bordered by the English Channel to the north, the Normandy to the northeast, the Pace-de-la-Loire to the southeast, and the Bay of Biscay to the south. This Britannia city is one of the oldest architectural world.

The city was surrounded by a variety of styles and the rivers were filled with flooded land. This British city is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in France. France’s traditional and historic ports are located in this city. The town is home to some of the most beautiful villages in the world. Which are called fishing villages. Due to the location of the villages along the beach, the people of this village are busy fishing on the beach all day long. Whether it is for hobby or for earning. It is a very popular place among tourists.




Brittany; The right time to visit The Fishing Village:

The climate in Brittany is the driest and most tolerable from June to September. So tourists from all over the world visit the city of Brittany during these months. So if you want to visit this city, you must go between June and September.

8. Alsace Region:

Alsace Region

The Alsace region is a cultural region to the east of France. The western part of Alsace is bordered by Germany and Switzerland. The city of Alsace is the largest metropolitan area in France.

The buildings in this town are mostly made of wood and painted in bright colors. Many revered churches are located in this town. This area is a wonderful example of natural beauty. Narrow roads, natural canals and churches fascinate tourists.




The right time to visit Alsace:

The months of April and June bring a hint of spring in this region. Therefore, dry and captivating weather prevails in this region at this time. So tourists prefer these two months, to visit the city.

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9. Mont-Blanc:


Mont-Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe, standing in the Haute-Savoie region of France. This mountain is popular as the eleventh highest mountain in the world. Mont-Blanc is also the second largest and highest mountain in Europe. These snow-capped mountains are especially popular for winter sports. The most popular way to reach the top of this mountain range is the Gostar route.

These mountains have the most amazing landscapes in the world. During the summer, tourists go to this area for travel and cycling. Moreover, the mountainous region has been used as some of the most popular playgrounds in winter, such as skating and snowboarding. This place attracts more tourists especially for country skating. Dog-drawn sledding rides and old-fashioned horse-drawn slide rides are more famous.




The right time to visit Mont-Blanc:

Summers and winters are more popular with tourists in the Mont-Blanc region. So tourists choose the time from June to August and from September to November to visit these mountains.

10. The Kamargarh:

The Kamargarh

The Camarag is a land of natural beauty located south of the Mediterranean Sea and the Rhine Delta west of the Arles region of France. The safest and freshest beauty of the natural environment can be enjoyed in this place. Spread across a variety of lands, grounds and pastures, this place stands out entirely on its natural beauty.

Man-made buildings are very rare in this region. The beauty of the small canals and the beach is amazing. Tourists mainly go to this place to enjoy horse rides.




The right time to visit The Kamarag:

The place can be visited all year round. Because the weather here is dry and pleasant throughout the year. However, sometimes there is light or heavy rain. The highest number of tourists is in spring. Spring in this region lasts mainly from April to June of the English year.


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