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Uganda is a landlocked country in East Central Africa. This County is bordered by Kenya to the east, Sudan to the north, and Tanzania to the south. Uganda has a part of Lake Victoria divided in the southern region. Uganda falls into the Nile Basin. However, this may change. In addition, Uganda’s capital is usually in a changed equatorial climate. Uganda Tourist Attractions.

Uganda was ruled by the United Kingdom in early 1984. Uganda gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1982 as a single state. Since then, Uganda has been ruled by military rulers led by Idi Amin.

Uganda’s official languages ​​include English and Swahili. Xavier Kaguta Museveni became president after a long six-year guerrilla war from January 1986. He then stepped down. Uganda was elected President in the 2011 general election.

Although many people think of Uganda as an underdeveloped country, it has a unique beauty of creation. Surrounded by mountains, rivers, seas and beautiful forests, Uganda is a country. There are many places in this country which are at the top of the list of tourist favorites.

Today I will mention the names of ten places of interest in this post. Which are basically taken from the list of tourist favorites. Below are the names of ten places of interest in Uganda:

10 Best Uganda Tourist Attractions Places List:

1. Kampala
2. Kibal National Park
3. CC Islands
4. Buindi Impenetrable National Park
5. Marchison Falls National Park
6. Entebbe
7.Queen Elizabeth National Park
8. Mount Elgon National Park
9. Lemon Emburo National Park
10. Kaido Valley National Park

1. Kampala

Uganda Tourist Attractions


Kampala is the largest city and capital of Uganda. It occupies a series of hills about 3900 feet high and is located north of Lake Victoria in the south of the country.

A historic mosque is located in the town of Kampala. Which is at the top in the eyes of the world’s tourists. Thousands of tourists flock to Uganda every year to enjoy the beauty of this mosque and the city of Kampala.


The right time to visit Kampala:
Uganda is a hot country. However, when it starts raining, it does not stop easily. That is why the weather will be from 14th of May to 26th of August. And the weather that will prevail from the 10th of December to the 28th of January. That is the perfect time to visit Kampala, Uganda. So those of you who want to visit the city of Kampala in Uganda, they can definitely go during these months.

2. Kibal National Park:

Located in western Uganda, Kibal National Park is an evergreen rain forest. There are 351 species of trees in this garden. There are some trees that are more than 55 meters tall and more than 200 years old. The park is home to a wide variety of animals. The climate of Kibal Park combines the beauty of summer forests and floating valleys.

The park is one of the heart of African research. A variety of chimpanzees found by one of the leading researchers live in this park. Moreover, after researching other areas, they are attracted to other subjects. Many species of animals live in this garden. Which are dazzlingly beautiful and have the most varied forms. The park is habitable for chimpanzees as it is associated with a variety of grasslands and wetlands.

Area: 695 sq. Km

The right time to visit Kibal National Park:

The best time to visit Kibal National Park in Uganda is from November to February. At this time the greenery prevails and there is very little rainfall. Besides, a lot of tourists come to visit this park at this time. So many hotels and resorts are set up.

So you can visit the Ugandan Kibal National Park from the beginning of November to the month of February. And you can see the beautiful habitat of chimpanzees.

3. CC Islands:

The Sicilian archipelago is one of fourteen islands in the northwestern part of Lake Victoria, Uganda. The CC Islands are adjacent to the Kalangala district of southern Uganda. Uganda has no territory on the mainland of the CC Islands.

The CC Islands are a land of great beauty. Much of Uganda’s beauty is reflected in its various islands. The largest of the islands is the CC archipelago. The beauty of the CC archipelago is especially evident in the vegetation of the island.

The CC Islands are a coveted destination for tourists. Tourists from different countries flock to Uganda just to visit the CC Islands.





The right time to visit the CC Islands:

Almost every month of the year is the right time to give to the CC Islands. The weather in Uganda is warm. That is why the weather is very bright in all the seasons of the year except the rainy season. For this reason every month of the year, except the rainy season, is the perfect time to visit the CC Islands.

If you want to visit this beautiful place in Uganda, you can go in any one month other than the rainy season.

4. Buindi Impenetrable National Park

Buindi Impenetrable National Park is a place of stone peaks and endless greenery. The park is covered in most of the oldest forests and jungles in Africa. This garden is a unique example of biodiversity. This Buindi is an impregnable national park inhabited by a variety of insects. This park is mainly home to gorillas.

Most of the tourists in the world want to visit this national park to see chimpanzees and gorillas.




The right time to visit Buindi Impenetrable National Park

The climate of this impenetrable national park in Uganda is divided into two parts. This means that the climate of this place has two seasons, one is dry in summer and the other is rainy, which means heavy rainfall in this climate.

The two seasons of the year are June to August and December to February. Gorillas can be seen very easily at this time. In this weather, there is a lot of sunshine around. Wildlife photography is very good at this time.

Another is March to May and September to November. This weather is rainy season. The weather is wet due to heavy rainfall at this time. However, many species of birds can be seen in this climate.

So summer or dry weather is the right time to visit this park.

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5. Marchison Falls National Park

Marchison Falls National Park was one of the first national parks in Uganda in 1952. In the northern part of the park there are savanna and borasas palm trees, as well as acacia trees and river wood lands. Rivers flowing through forests and woodlands to the south. The 1951 film “The African Queen”, starring Humphrey Bogart, was filmed at Albert Lake and Marchison Falls National Parks.

The park has a blue island next to Victoria and sinks 45 meters across the wall. The park is home to one of Uganda’s most significant wildlife habitats. Tourists can regularly see elephants, giraffes and countless species of birds.

Location:Uganda Tourist Attractions



The right time to visit Marchison Falls National Park

The best time to visit Marchison Falls National Park is between April to May and August to October. Because this weather falls in dry weather. There is not much rain at this time. So it is very easy to travel from one place to another. There is no difficulty in arranging to stay and enjoy.

So if you want to see this national park, you can go in time between April and May or between August and October.Uganda Tourist Attractions

6. Entebbe:

Entebbe is located in the south-central region of Uganda. The city of Entebbe is located about 34 kilometers south of Kampala. On the other hand, the city of Entebbe is located at the entrance of Lake Victoria. It was established in 1893 as a garrison post. Uganda was then used as a British administrative center until 1954.

The town of Entebbe is home to a botanical garden, several research centers and a virus research institute. The town of Entebbe is primarily the residential center for city government employees. There are no industrial establishments in this town. Even though it is such a small city, why do tourists flock to this city? Because it is the gateway to Uganda. To enter Uganda, you have to set foot in this city first. Entebbe is the most populous city in Uganda.




The right time to go to Entebbe:

There are basically two seasons in Uganda. Those are summer and monsoon. The 6 months of the year have dry weather and the remaining 6 months have heavy rainfall and mild winters. So if you want to go to Uganda, you can go between June to August or December to February of this year. Then you can enjoy the true beauty of Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Uganda’s most popular tourist destination is Queen Elizabeth National Park. Queen Elizabeth National Park is a place of great beauty. This park has many small species of trees. Included as a habitat for beautiful animals is the Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is home to about 60,000 species of birds. The park will be celebrated with native species of animals but this Queen Elizabeth fig tree is incredibly beautiful. Uganda Tourist Attractions


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